Lumos Smart Helmet Review: The Best Bike Helmet for Commuting?

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When choosing the best cycling helmet for commuting, apart from the obvious comfort, you really want to look for something that provides you with maximum visibility while cycling on roads, trails and cycle routes or paths. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering the following:

What is the best bike commuter helmet available? The Lumos Smart Helmet is likely the best bike helmet currently on the market for commuting, although it will be most useful for people with specific routes in mind, as will be explained throughout the rest of this article.

As you are no doubt aware, seasonal changes in daylight mean cycling through the winter months can be quite hazardous for most of us to have that 9 to 5 schedule. 

As such, if you can get a helmet for commuting to work that makes you more visible to drive us and anyone else around you on your cycling route, then that is a huge bonus!

So, let’s have a quick look at the key good points and not-so-good points of the Lumos Smart Helmet.

Summary of Lumos Smart Helmet Review for Bike Commuters:

✅Added visibility when slowing down or braking on your bike⛔ Fairly high price
✅Indicator lights clearly visible to car drivers⛔ Riders still need to indicate with arm
✅Safety certified⛔ Added weight for lights
✅ Option for MIPS for added protection from angled falls⛔ Does not replace bike lights
✅ 6 hours battery life and LEDs should last a long time

For this reason, the Lumos Smart Helmet is worth serious consideration for all cycle commuters as it not only has rear lights for visibility and braking, but it also has the added feature of indicators when turning, particularly useful if you are cycling on roads on your journey to work (as many of you are!). 

To start with, it is available in lime green which although might not be reflective certainly is one of the most visible colors available.

LED Lights in the Lumos Cycling Helmet – Great for Commuters

Then, the real beauty of the Lumos helmet for cycle commuters is that it has as a series of LED lights in the back of the helmet, hence it is a smart helmet for cyclists.

The lights on the helmet perform several functions, all designed to increase your safety and visibility.

Lumos Helmet’s Automatic Brake Lights

The first is is that it has LED brake lights for when you are cycling. These use a similar piece of technology to what you have in things like Fitbit, called an accelerometer. This is something that can detect increases and decreases in your speed, and it illuminates the braking lights on your helmet when you are slowing down on your bike.

Please note that you will need to activate the hard brake light feature, which Lumos note is currently in beta, for this to work.

This then fires 38 LEDs on the rear of the helmet, similar to a braking system on a car and therefore very familiar for all road users to know that you are slowing down. 

Indicator Lights for Added Awareness and Visibility When Cycling

The other fantastic thing that this Lumos cycling helmet can provide for commuters is indicators. This makes your turning much more visible, especially when cycling in the dark to or from work.

In fact, some users have even commented that taxi drivers shouted out of the window to say how bright it was and that it was brilliant for safety! High praise indeed!

The way this works is that you simply need to press the left or right button on the wireless handlebar remote which comes with your helmet.

Lumos also note that you should still indicate with your arm when turning.

Does a Lumos Smart Helmet Replace Lights on Your Bike?

Unfortunately, you will still need to have lights on your bicycle when riding in the dark or low light to work.

This is specifically because you will not be able to see enough of the road or path on your commute relying only on the Lumos front lights.

Note that you should still have both front and rear lights when cycling while wearing this helmet, so it doesn’t save you any money in that way just yet!

Lumos Helmet Battery & Charging

The company also state that you should get 6 hours II’s on flashing mode and 3 on solid light mode from one charge of the Lumos helmet battery. 

Take this with a pinch of salt as, with almost all products on the market, battery life estimates are usually 10% more than what users find them to be after a few uses.

That said, it’s still quite an impressive duration for one charge.

Lumos Helmet Remote

The remote for the Lumos helmet comes with your purchase and should fit quite easily onto your handlebars.

Note that if you already have things like smartphone holders, bells mirrors and other things attached to your handlebars for your cycle to work, then you will obviously need to accommodate that Lumos remote control in a convenient place.

Lumos Helmet Compatibility with Apple, Android, Strava and More

Fortunately, the Lumos cycling helmet is compatible for cycle commuters using both Apple and Android phones. 

The Lumos app is available for download for both the Google Play Store and the App Store, although you don’t have to use a smartphone to be able to use the Lumos smart helmet.

The helmet is also compatible with Strava if you like to track your rides.

Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)

You can also get a version of the Lumos cycling helmet for your commute which has multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS).

This essentially gives added protection for angled falls and accounts for helmets to slide to help protect your head when falling awkwardly.

This added protection is certainly worth considering if you are cycling mainly on roads as the severity of accidents on roads is statistically higher, although this should not put you off it is something to consider.

Versions of the Lumos Smart Helmet that come with MIPS certainly seems like a very welcome addition if you are around cars a lot of the time on your commute.

This is not to worry you but more to serve as a gentle reminder that you can choose a helmet based on the type of route you take on a regular basis.

Please note that the MIPS feature means a slight increase in price compared to the standard helmet, although you do get more safety features with the extra spend.

Spares for the Lumos Helmet: Remote and Handlebar Mount

Although the Lumos remote and handlebar mount are weatherproof, if you somehow lose them or break them, you can get spares online.

These are available easily on Amazon and are official versions so you can be sure that they will work.

Bad Reviews for the Lumos Cycling Helmet?

In terms of bad points from reviews for the Lumos helmet, a couple of users have stated that they didn’t feel that the helmet was a great fit on their head, but it was also easily returned so there were no problems on with the customer service.

The other thing to know about the Lumos helmet is that all the features like indicators and brake lights come at the cost of a little more weight.

A few users have noted that they found it a little tiring on longer journeys to turn their head with the added weight of the helmet, although many noted that the added safety provided by the helmet was worth it on balance.

Best Cycling Helmet for Commuting: Summary of the Lumos Helmet 

It is certainly at the top end of the price range, but it is the only cycling helmet offering this kind of visibility for commuters and other kinds of cycling journeys.

The added bonus of having indicator lights while cycle commuting is a huge part of this.

Hopefully, more companies will follow Lumos’ lead and the market for smart cycle helmets for commuters and others will develop considerably in the next few years to make things even safer and help to get more people cycling to work in general!

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