The Bike Commuter exists to help anyone who would like to cycle to work or school but doesn’t know quite how to start, or just anyone who wants to ride more often and feel more comfortable and have more fun doing it.

Given the known health and wellness benefits of living a more physically active lifestyle, cycling as part of your everyday commute makes for a more enjoyable day that fits in exercise where otherwise you would just be sitting.

This site also gives advice in plain English and does not assume that you or any other readers have any technical knowledge of bikes, making all the content accessible and friendly (no snobbery here!)

It’s a site that focuses on practical cycling, rather than what is the latest trend or looking fashionable; who needs fashion when all you really want to do is get to work and get a little bit of exercise on the way!

Happy cycling!

Steve Beale, founder of The Bike Commuter

Founder of The Bike Commuter, Steve Beale, riding to work on his morning commute. Happy days!

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